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10 Inspirational Quotes to Keep You Going Through Hard Times…


Entrepreneurship is hard — and sometimes when we’re feeling low, a few powerful words can have a mighty impact. That’s why I keep a pile of blank notebooks on my desk. Whenever I’m talking to an entrepreneur and hear an important insight, I grab one of the notebooks, jot the idea down, and then take a photo of it. (Then I post it to my Instagram.)


Here are 10 quotes that I think every entrepreneur can benefit to remember.




You try, you fail, you learn, and you try again. That’s the process!




Nobody’s path has been simple or easy. You can’t expect yours to be either!




… because nothing is challenging forever. It’s just challenging at the start.





That’s the power of ambition.




That’s what separates entrepreneurs from everyone else: They see opportunity everywhere. Start looking at the things around you differently, and you will too.




It’s all about perspective.





That’s really all there is.




This is what happens when you think of failure as an inevidable part of the process.




Investors say this all the time. The best ideas scare people. They’re different and weird. Not everyone will be a believer. And that’s OK.





After all, problems are meant to be solved.






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